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TechMed is a startup company, which works on a home based medical care and consultancy. Additional services include Medical travel, Chronic care services and awareness creating.

About Techmed

We Provide Essential Services For Your Health Care

TechMed healthcare solution is a privately held company which is founded by 2020 G.C by four female medical doctors. The company has been under the incubation program of orbit innovation hub and works in partnership with Orbit health.

What we offer: (our services)

Palliative cares:

12hr or 24hr constant follow up with professional nurses for disabled patients, aged patients needing help in day-to-day activity and chronically ill patients.

Chronic cases follow-ups:

Following patients with chronic cases such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, kidney disease and lot others who need frequent check-ups in collaboration with their in-charge OPD physician.

Patient companions:

Nursing patients at hospital for hospitalized patients.


Whatever case, whenever, in our office or at your comfort home, we provide consultations about anything that is regarding health. We also connect you with specialists for consultation over our digital modems.

Medical Travel

Our company enables you to get treared at the world's best hospitals with affordable price. Our wholesome package includes
- free specialist consultations from the best hospitals in India,
- visa processing,
- hotel stay and travel processes,
- treatment at your choice among best and
- tour of your destination

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What Makes us Different:

Variety of services with one call:

We have different services delivered to your home care all in one place

Short trainings

trainings for our clients on how to take care/ bed-ridden/disabled patients

Easy and efficient:

We work for easy delivery of health services while saving time and energy of loved ones.

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Medical bed

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Oxygen cylinder

Oxygen concentrator

Oxygen concentrator


How We Work

A Comprehensive Directory For Your Health Care

  • Book an Appointment

  • Conduct Checkup

  • Perform Treatment

  • Prescribe & Payment

Best Medical & Healthcare

what do you want today?

Medical equipment


Ambulance service


Home care nurse

Psychiatric nurse


Make Appointment & Take Care Of Your Healthy Life

Schedule an appointment today and prioritize your well-being. Our dedicated team of healthcare professionals is here to provide you with comprehensive medical assessments, personalized advice, and a roadmap to a healthier life. Don't wait - invest in your health now for a brighter, more vibrant future.

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